Westchester/Putnam NY Application

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  • Paula:

    I just filled an app to foster Jammer. I thought I would voice some concerns here. I have 2 small dogs ..one that may or may not get along with another dog. I am not too concerned about Jammer himself..I have 2 cats and my 1 yr old granddaughter is here often. He HAS to be good with kids. I am going to call my insurance co. today to see if there is an issue there. I am not home evryday and have not been home as much as I would like. I want to be totally honest..don’t want to waste your time if I am not a good home at this time.

Adopt-a-bull dog of the moment

Please say a prayer for Ice.
On 3-3-12 he was killed tragically, in a case of mistaken identity. We will never forget him. RIP beautiful boy.