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Become a Foster Home For ACPR Rescue Dogs and puppies



Fostering a rescue dog is an extremely rewarding experience. Our Rescue is made up of all volunteers, located mostly in the Northeast. All our dogs our housed in Foster Homes which is 100% volunteer. Fostering not only saves that dog or puppy, but opens up space in the shelter so you are actually saving 2 dogs. Fostering is simple, you treat the pet as if he is your own, until adoption. This allows the dog time to decompress from shelter life, recover if he or she is injured, and puppies the chance to grow in a safe enviorment, until they are old enough for adoption. We pay for all vetting for our fosters, as well as worm meds, and flea and tick preventetive. We pay for food, if you are fostering a family, or more then 3 dogs.



If you would be interested in volunteering, to foster please email us for a foster application.




We check references and conduct a home visit. If you rent we must have your landlord’s name and phone number to verify you are allowed to have a dog. Most dogs are evaluated, and vetted prior to entering into foster care. You supply the food and a safe and loving environment. Some dogs need help with house training, socialization and obedience.



We look forward to hearing from you!

7 Responses to “Become a foster”

  • Paula Hannay:

    I do not know if I can foster Jammer, but I have been thinking about fostering for awhile. I have a granddaughter that is 1 yr old. She is in my home often. I also have 2 small dogs, under 10 lbs and 2 cats and a bird. I work 3 days a week and I am not home every day. Even on my days off I am often out running errands. I live in MA. and I have never had a pittie, so no experiance there. It just breaks my heart to see these dogs and feel so helpless. So, not sure if I can help or not. Has anyone tested him with babies or kids..or small dogs and cats?

  • Hi Paula We can certainly cat test him tom. I am not sure what you email is but if you can email me at we can work out all the details, and you can make the overall decision on Jammer. I really love this old guy <3

  • Kim:

    My family and I would love to become a foster family. We have 2 dogs of our own and a cat. Our dogs are rescue dogs. They are both Lab mixes.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Paula:

    Racquel, sorry I am just seeing this now. Has he been tested with cats yet?? I was also wondering how big he is, I know he is overweight. What should he weigh?

    Thanks, Paula

  • racqueltrapp:

    Hi Paula,
    Poor Jammer is sitting in boarding. I forwarded you app to Jennifer at Second Chance. She will be able to answer all your questions! I love that old guy, and would love to see him out of boarding! ~Racquel

  • Jennifer Trombetta:

    Hello I am interested In a foster application for Buddy I am in CT AND i am a certified dog trainer I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks jen

  • volunteer:

    Hello we rarely check comments here, please fill out an application if you would like to foster for us. thank you!!

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