Sponsor a dog

If you like a dog on our site, or from a near by shelter, that we may list you can sponsor that particular dog. This is a nice way to help without the commitment of fostering or adopting. In all rescues lack of funds, inhibit more dogs from being saved.  Or choose to sponsor one of our dogs in foster, for vet care, and so the foster parent can buy toys, treats, food ect.

One Response to “Sponsor a dog”

  • Donna Capone:

    Congratulations on a great showing at the Dog Whisperer show Saturday night at the Oakdale! I applaud your wonderful efforts and look forward to assisting in the near future.

Adopt-a-bull dog of the moment

Please say a prayer for Ice.
On 3-3-12 he was killed tragically, in a case of mistaken identity. We will never forget him. RIP beautiful boy.