The right dog 4 u?

Owning a Pit

Is a Pit Bull the right Dog for you?

A lot of people get into ownership without properly researching the breed. This can lead to problems down the road, so before you adopt your first Pit Bull, please read below and make sure that this is the breed for you. Without the right information, the best intentions can result in an unhappy dog and an unhappy owner.

Dog Parks

If you want a dog that you can take to the dog park, then this is probably not the right dog for you. Pit Bulls were originally bred for fighting purposes, and as much as some well-meaning people say that this can be ‘trained’ out of them, it can’t. They can be trained to control their impulses, but it will never really leave them.Some Pits can live happily with all manner of other animals, and some can’t. There is an old adage that all Pit Bull owners know, and that is “Never trust a Pit bull not to fight’. They have to be carefully watched in the presence of other animals, so please be aware.

Couch Potato

Some dogs are exceptional at just lying around and not doing much of anything. The Pit Bull is not one of them. Pits need a lot of exercise and stimulation. A lack of this will make for a bored and unhappy dog, and by extension, an unhappy owner. Pit Bulls compete in such sports as Weight Pulling and Fly Ball. They are classed as a Working Breed, and as such, need something to do. If you enjoy jogging, long walks and running, then this is the perfect breed for you.

Don’t believe in Discipline?

I am not talking about beating your dog, I am talking about training and obedience. If you don’t have the inclination or resources to train your dog, then the Pit Bull is not for you. Without training your dog will not know what he is meant to do, and is then confused when you shout at him. Being a bully breed, Pit Bulls tend to be very determined, whether they are tugging on a spring pole or chewing on your couch. Without structure, they can end up being a strong force in the household.

Love Puppy

Pit Bulls are notorious for being sloppy bundles of love. If you want a guard dog, then this is not the dog for you. They are famous for loving people, even strangers, and are more likely to make friends with the guy stealing your t.v. set than try to stop him. A lot of people are overwhelmed by their level of affection, and if they want to sit on your lap and lick your face, you won’t be able to say much about it! If you are looking for an independent dog who won’t bother you with wanting cuddles and attention, the Pit is not for you.

Tough, Mean Dog

Oh dear. If this is why you want a dog, then you should probably invest in a personal alarm or get yourself up the gym. Dogs are NOT and SHOULDN’T BE status symbols or symbols of brute strength. This is how the Pit Bull got its reputation in the first place. You really have to try and make a Pit Bull mean, and if this is your intention, GET THE HELL OFF THIS SITE.

Personally, there is nothing more cowardly or sickening than someone hiding behind a dog that they have brutalized. Mistreating a dog is like mistreating a child. Both are vulnerable and both look to us to set an example with complete trust. If you want a tougher image, get a tattoo.

2 Responses to “The right dog 4 u?”

  • johanne:

    my daughter own a femelle pitbull and i love her so much…..sometimes i keep her for the week-end…i know that pit are like other dogs…and i’m always defending this breed…. but i can’t get over my fear that maybe some day she will do something wrong….so if she doesn’t want to do something….i let her do want she want to do….one other thing when she come to lick my face,she love doing it,i’m always hiding my face because of my fear………How can i beat this fear?

    Thank you very much


  • Jennifer dimaria:

    I just read this and having three pit bulls and a boxer I could not agree more with all of your statements. Thanks for sharing. I hope people read this it is very accurate.

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