About Us

We are A Bully breed rescue run by a group of dedicated volunteer’s. We rescue these dogs from euthanasia, and in times of distress. 
Company Overview

Our mission is to not only rescue, but to become a resource for Bully Breed owner’s. We strive to create awareness about the breed. And help current owners find Pitty friendly housing, insurance,and resources to keep them out of our city shelters. We Like to focus alot on Special needs, and family’s and many of the dogs other rescue’s would pass over for not being (easily adoptable)
All of our dogs are kept in our loving foster care homes, where they can decompress from the shelter life. Our foster homes are based out of NY and CT. We are a new, non- profit pending group and always in need of supplies! We do not have a facility so we are 100% foster based. Our dogs are kept very well socialized and prepared for their “furever” homes. For more info please visit our site at www.AngelCaponePitbullRescue.com

If you are looking for a dog not listed on our website, please check out dogs our sister rescue has to offer!  www.nycsecondchancerescue.org

♥ Be an Angel., foster or adopt a death row pitty ♥

General Information

With a focus on saving our pitties on Death Row. We also like to educate people on how great this breed really is! We want to raise awareness on BLS and the hardships Pitbull owners face on a daily basis. We strive to educate owners on how to help their Pitty become a great representation of the breed. Provide owner resources for people that need help with Pit Friendly places to live, toys books ect.



10 Responses to “About Us”

  • Milena Czarnota:

    Racquel, WOW! This is awesome! I knew you had a heart of gold and I also knew that you would be doing a lot more for these babies someday, and here you are!!! You’re awesome!! Thank you for all that you do<3

  • laurie hamer:

    awesome. you’ve been such a big help to so many. love the site and what you are doing. are you going to deal only with the pits or other breeds? thank you for everything and all the advice and help.

  • Jessica Hamilton:

    You rock girl!!! You and I are one in the same…Pitbulls are my life…They are the reason I believe I was put on this earth…Where are you located? I would love to meet you…Give me a call, I may be able to help…860-884-3575

  • Deb Sweetman:

    This is great, so happy for you…so the guy who is singing the Pit Bull Woman song… is he still with you? LOL!!! * wink

  • ingrid aria:

    excellent! thanks for flying your pibble flag high! you’re not only awesomely courageous & committed, you’re super informative. looking forward to your successful endeavors educating people on this one-of-a-kind super breed & changing the world!

  • racqueltrapp:

    Jessica, thank you!! Feel free to email me at AngelCaponePittyRescue@gmail.com. Always looking for great vol’s and foster homes!

  • needing info from Patrick M. post……Aja Campbell Finding it a little frustrating that I have asked for more information about ICE a few times and no one seems to be able to respond. Trust me I know you guys are busy- but you’re taking the time to get back to people who are standing up for the cop. I would like to actually DO SOMETHING about this- right now TPM is my only source of information. We need more facts to push through the right social media and publicity channels!

  • Caroline Wiliams:

    If you go to the ‘Dogs Shot By Police’ FB page there is quite abit of discussion about poor little Ice’s horrible death.
    There is also a FB page for Ice – http://www.facebook.com/JusticeForIce
    Also there is a petition to sign – Go to http://www.change.org/petitions/justice-for-ice-pitbull-killed-by-police-in-his-own-yard
    I hope this helps you Rocky – the more voices, the more we will be heard!!.
    Racquel – Love your page & the work you do; you’re an inspiration – Well done!!!

  • Brenda:

    Raquel, I will be on the Walk for Ice, and it would be an honor if I could represent, and walk one of your dogs that day. Please feel free to contact me, at you’re convenience.

  • Dorothy Eubanks:

    This is a wonderful thing that you are doing. My sister has 3 pitties and loves them all. They all get their Aunt Dot (me!) on the floor with them playing when I go back to NJ to visit.
    Keep up the good work and God bless you!

Adopt-a-bull dog of the moment

Please say a prayer for Ice.
On 3-3-12 he was killed tragically, in a case of mistaken identity. We will never forget him. RIP beautiful boy.