Spay and Neuter!!

Have a look at the dogs available in shelters. And the Dogs killed everyday do to lack of space. That’s why. Because pet overpopulation is a huge problem in this country – do you really want to be responsible for helping it along, even just by 6 puppies? Shelters euthanize millions of animals each year, because there just aren’t enough homes for them, and the shelters fill up so quickly.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Below are some excuses that people give for not spaying and neutering, and some reasons why you should.



We want a puppy that looks like Rover..

Even when you breed two purebred dogs, the puppies are not necessarily going to completely resemble either of the parents. If the parents are mixed breeds, this is next to impossible. I saw four of puppies on Petfinder the other day – all from the same litter. Two were brown and white, one was black and white, and one was tan and black.

And if you want ONE puppy that looks like Rover, what are you going to do with the rest of them?

My dog will have a personality once he is fixed

The procedure will not completely change your dog’s personality, and any changes that you see will be positive ones. Neutered and spayed dogs tend to be less aggressive and wander less. They also tend to stop marking their territory, so you will have less peed-on furniture!

We can sell the puppies and make some money

For that reason, I have a serious problem. If you have been elsewhere on my site, you will find that I am completely disgusted with backyard breeders. Not only do they not know what they are doing in terms of breeding to maintain desired traits in dogs, but the are also contributing to overpopulation. Where do you think the dogs in the shelters come from? A responsible breeder does more than throw two dogs together and rub his hands with glee at the thought of the money. I do not have a problem with responsible breeders, I have a problem with idiots.

Why You Should…..

Your dog is less at risk from illnesses

Dogs who have been spayed or neutered are at less risk from testicular cancer, breat cancer, ovarian cancer and a whole host of other illnesses.

Don’t want contribute to the pet overpopulation crisis

Millions of dogs get put down each year across the country. People think ” well, I will make sure that the puppies get good homes…”. You can’t predict what people are going to do – for all you know they may move house and not decide to take the cute puppy you sold them, and he ends up in the pound.. with thousands of others just like him.

Adopt-a-bull dog of the moment

Please say a prayer for Ice.
On 3-3-12 he was killed tragically, in a case of mistaken identity. We will never forget him. RIP beautiful boy.